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On November 24, 1866, twenty men met in Riverhead and agreed to contribute $260, “for the purpose of starting and furnishing Ocean Lodge of this place with necessary equipment for carrying on the work of the same”. However only 18 of these men became members of Riverhead Lodge and they contributed a total of $230 for the purpose mentioned above. The names of these are as follows: N. S. Woodhull, B. V. Chase, E. F. Squires, E. H. Ryder, John E. Carter, William Baird, G. I. Benjamin, John H. Phillips, Alonzo F. Vail, Wesley Fanning, Perry Wines, George P. Carter, David A. Vail, and Phinias W. Tuthill, all of whom were charter members of the Lodge. Four other contributed and became members of the lodge as follows: J.T. Fielder, George Stern, Charles Hallett and Charles L. Corwin.

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Riverhead Lodge #645

The Officers of Riverhead Lodge #645

R:. W:. John Findlay
Worshipful Master

Bro. Michael Sokel
Senior Warden

Bro. Dominik Pepeceno
Junior Warden

Bro. Peter Psyllos

W:. Charles Monte

The Trustees of Riverhead Lodge #645

V:. W:. Kevin Caulfield

R:. W:. Nicholas Mazzarella

Bro. Robert Svoboda

Bro. William Cursie

Bro. Robert Abel